Woohoo in Florida


This will be the first year that I am in Florida with a horse. I have been to Florida two times before, both for the Robert Dover Horsemastership Clinic, and have always wanted to bring my horse down with me to train with some of the amazing trainers located here. This year, after riding in 5 different EDAP clinics with Lendon Gray throughout the year, I asked Lendon if I could come down to Wellington to spend a few weeks training with her. She said yes!!!

Pulling everything together after that was the difficult part because not only did I have to

Onward to Florida

worry about getting Woo there, but also how long we wanted to travel with him each day. This was his first trip since August for the Courtney King Dye Horsemastership Clinic in Maryland. But he traveled like a champ all the way here to Wellington, FL.

I am very excited to begin training with Lendon and learn and confirm everything that we have been working on and toward with Woo!! Looking forward to all of the new knowledge that I will learn here!


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