First Day in Florida


Welcome to Florida


Today we went out and Woo was super calm and relaxed. He has really settled into Hampton Green well and is happy to go outside for walks and turnout. When we got ready to ride we chose to ride him outside in the big arena closest to the road. He has never been ridden next to a road and a driveway, but he stayed really quiet through it all. The arena was huge and probably the size of two dressage arenas side by side.

Today was just a stretchy day for him since he had two days of long travel back to back. We did our normal warmup  at the walk, a lot of lateral work and stretching to warm up his back. The warmup starts with leg yielding off of the wall to the center line and then back again or to a shoulder in down the centerline depending on how he feels that day. Then we do a long side of shoulder in and half passing him a few steps on the second half of the long side to a shoulder in again. The next round we do a renver to a haunches in off of the track and finally a half pass across the diagonal and repeat everything on the other side. On his stretchy days we do a lot of changes of direction at the trot and canter and tons of transitions just to help with his overall suppleness. When I picked him up for some trot work he just bounced along and had so much energy and suspension in each of his strides. We continued to do lots of circles with changes of bend and direction to help him bend properly through his body and stretch out all of the kinks from the long trip. He felt amazing. I finished up the ride by stretching him in the canter and going back to a stretchy, long and low trot before hacking him out.

Bona B Ranch colors

The afternoon was spent giving Woo a bath, which he did not like, and letting him be outside in a paddock. He normally is silly outside after a few hours and whenever there is a lot of commotion but he behaved himself well enough to stay outside for the entirety of the afternoon. I cleaned out his stall and took care of one of the other horses while he spent some time sun bathing. The other horse that I am taking care of is named Archival and he is from California. His owner will be here later int he month and will participate in Lendon’s Winter Intensive Training program from January to March. He is quite high energy so we go for lots of walks and I also lunge him once a day. We will try turnout for the first time with him tomorrow and see how it goes.

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