Second Day in Florida


Stretchy day

Today started out with our normal routine of waking up early and feeding at 7 am, then taking care of the other horses while Woo’s feed soaked for a bit. After that I would clean stalls before getting Woo ready for our lesson at 9.

Going out today he felt a bit stiff, could be from the long trailer ride over two days and it finally catching up, and so we spent a lot of time in the walk. All I focused on was moving him back and forth a few times to put some bend back through his body, however, today he was quite stiff to the right side and just held on that side of his body. So, all we focused on in the lesson was how to get him to stretch and work through his body without him holding in his back or fighting me with his neck. This involved lots of leg yields at trot and canter on the circle and trot to canter transitions. During my ride Lendon also reminded me that I needed to stop micromanaging my horse, if you know me you also know I’m a bit of a control freak, and to trust him and let him have his head and neck to give him a happy place to work towards. She said, “lengthen him into the contact then follow with your hands not giving away the connection but relaxing the hand into a happy contact for the horse to seek.” Once Woo was more through and stretching we decided to end the ride on a happy note and let him rest for another day.

Woo was then bathed and turnout for the afternoon along with the other horse, Archival, I am taking care of. While they were out I cleaned up their stalls, my tack, and swept around the barn while also preparing dinner for the ponies. After all of the chores were done I went outside to keep an eye on them while they were out and read a bit of my book. After we brought the ponies in, my mom and I ventured off to explore Wellington a bit and go shopping at some of the various tack shops.

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